How To Send and Recieve an E-mail作文

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[How To Send and Recieve an E-mail作文]
How To Send and Recieve an E-mail  i love e-mails. and i love sending and recieving e-mails.e-mail lets us send and recieve message around the world at you want to send or recieve an e-mail on the internet?can you do that on the internet? if you can't,let me help you. 
getting started 
  1.turn on the computer and connect to the internet. 
  2.choose the e-mail botton.sometimes you can see a picture of an envelope or a letter,please click on'll find some pictures and words,it's the e-mail “menu”. 
sending an e-mail on “compose/send ”. on “to”.then type the adress of the person you want to recieve an e-mail. on“subject”.type a few words to discribe your message. on“message”.it's a big and empty can type what you want to see. on“send”.congratulations! your message will be sent to the person you adress. 
revieving an e-mail on“recieve”.you'll see a list of e-mails that someone has sent to you.choose an e-mail to read. on“close ”when you have read. 
  well, that's all.can you want to do it? 
  please tell me when you have recieved an e-mail from your good friend. 

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