Loves you, never regretted作文

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[Loves you, never regretted作文]At this moment, I have been unable to conclude that, how many hopes, hoped you change an attitude, but actually did this have what significance? 
  If really loved terminus, the what is done cannot be undone, made a solemn pledge of eternal love finally becomes eventually spatially, then what I did do this can obtain? Possibly is likes having the multi- depth, pays forever has deeply!  
  I only then knew now the reality cruel is lets a person change cruel. This world does not conform to our dream, thereupon we need very many very many loves to be able to fill the mind going out of cultivation, we change greedy, changes unlovable; We all are such child, intelligently to grieved ......  
  young really good! Said this speech fashion looks like own already is the old man resembles before, perhaps is wants to return, that time ignorant, does not understand too many, therefore ......I want to say that,“Lets me track down freely, seeks that to belong to an own stretch of world!”  
  dear you, forgive me, although between our each other nobody says “bids good-bye” these two characters, but please believe me, even if like this, I love you, only is I thought I too loved you, had not thought actually had to love well oneself, I should like own that also giving you, me had not regretted, regretted is we does not have the means to love finally.  
  I knew we once made the wrong thing, since you did not say, I did not haggle over; I did not know why can go to think that many thanks you? Have we not once fallen in love? Not once has cared about opposite party? Has certainly to make opposite party 伤痕累累, the body and mind exhausted only then said 'well'? Such result we all cannot be happy, only can place to finally us opposite party the moral nature most deep place, moves every time on pain, like this becomes each other moral nature forever pain.  
  “my heart has locked, I am looking for the key. You can rest assured that that, I can find one day.” 
   The your day, I have not been the how loneliness, but such loneliness is may endure, perhaps one day, like own say, really found that to b

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