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[Competition作文] Competition
Competition is a common phenomenon(现象) in our social life. We compete when we play games and when we try to do better than others in our study. There is constant(不变的) competition for academic(大学的) degrees, jobs, customers, money and so forth. In a sense(感觉), competition is one of the motive(推动的) force to the development of society.
In the natural world, the weak will be replaced by the strong and the fittest can live; therefore, the only way to survive(活下来) is to be competitive. Growing in a competitive environment is important for a child because future adult life is difficult. Finding a good job, for example, is an extremely competitive activity. Today, most people obtain knowledge through various ways and a large number of people get good education. There are also many people who have higher degrees in their special fields. The quality of people is rapidly increasing. Competition is more violent(激烈的) that what we thought it should be. The potentially(潜在地) successful job applicant(申请人) has to be prepared in a stronger position by gaining more qualification(资格) and experience. In the sports contests(竞争), the strongest will come out as winners. They become our heroes and they are glorified(赞美). In the business world, to beat your competitors, you must be better than the other employees. Otherwise you will be defeated(击败).
In fact, the only way our world reward(报答) people is to give laurels(殊荣) to the winners, not to the losers(失败者). What is more, by attempting to compete at different activities, we learn to win and lose, gain experience and know our strengths(实力) and weaknesses. Competition prepares us for the tough(坚韧的) things in life.
To go ahead, to acquire possession(所有物), we should be competitive. To us, industriousness(勤奋) and ambition(抱负) are positive(确实的) values.
Whether in games, in study or in business alike, the aim is to win the game, the degree, the trophy(战利品), and the contract(合同). Learning to be competitive is clearly the best preparation for life.

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