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[Gap作文] Gap
Despite various improvements in all aspects of social life, the generation gap between the grown-up and young remains large.
Nowadays, the young people do not blindly(盲目地) follow what their elder say. Owing(欠着的) to a higher level of education, the influence of western civilization(文明), to some extent, gives them a new philosophy(哲学), which is completely different from that of their elders.
Modern youths tend to be more revolutionary(革命的). They have their own interpretation(解释) for different matters; They also have their own ideas. Their reluctance(不情愿) to learn old teachings and sayings causes constant(固定的) friction(摩擦) between the two generations. They always introduce new changes. However, the old people, wedded(已婚的) to(墨守成规) things of the past, are hostile(不友善的) to change. An invisible(无形的) cold wall thus appears between the two generation and becomes wider and wider.
After all, the young generation, like the old one, needs being respected. And they are also skillful in modern techniques(技巧,技术). In order to narrow the gap, both groups and young should respect each other, listen to the words of each other and discuss things patiently. Most probably, this may help to solve the problem.

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