Network information security作文

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[Network information security作文]
1,It is well known, took the global use scope biggest information network, the Internet own agreement open enormous place each kind of networking computer, has then opened up the shared resource.But, because in the early time network protocol design to the security problem neglect, as well as in the management and the use anarchy, causes Internet own security to receive the serious threat gradually, sometimes occurs with its related safety accident.Mainly displays to the network information security threat in: The non-authorized visit, pretends to be the validated user, destroys the data integrity, the jamming system normal operation, the use network dissemination virus, aspects and so on line interception.
Key words: information security, network firewall, data encryption Intranet
This article from the web vulnerability of information security, network security technology major, common network attacks and countermeasures, network security building in areas such as analysis of the current network information security problems and common network attacks from the technical level raised Solutions, network security, hopes to gradually eliminate the risk of network information security.
First, information security and network vulnerability
For information security and network vulnerability, an integrated technology and management, and other factors, we can be summed up in four areas: the openness of the Internet, their vulnerability to attack the universality of the difficulties of management.
(A) the Internet is an open network, TCP / IP is a general agreement
B) its own Internet security flaws is the Internet's root causes of vulnerability
(C) a threat to the universality of the Internet is another aspect of security issues
With the development of the Internet, to attack the Internet means more and more simple, more and more common. At present, the tools to attack it more and more functions, and on the attacker's knowledge of the requirements is becoming less and less, the attacker has become more popular.
(D) the management of the difficulties of Internet security issues are also an important reason
Second, the major network security technology
(A) firewall technology
"Firewall" is an image that in fact it is a computer hardware and software combinations, so that the Internet and Intranet gateway between a security (security gateway), so as to protect the internal network from unauthorized users Invasive, it is a fact, the intranet and the Internet (usually refers to the local area network or MAN) separated by a barrier.
1. The firewall technology
The firewall technology is usually based on the so-called "packet filtering" technology, and conduct a standard packet filtering is usually based on the formulation of security policy.
Firewall can also use the proxy server software.
2. The firewall features
From the physical, is a firewall between the two networks on a variety of collection systems, which have formed the following characteristics:
1), all from the outside to the inside and from outside to inside the packet has to go through the firewall;
(2) security policy to allow only packets to come through a firewall;
(3) should have its own firewall to prevent intrusion of the functions of the main firewall to protect networks from security from unsafe intrusion.
(B) Data Encryption Technology
1. The meaning of the data encryption
The so-called data encryption technology is the use of digital methods to re-organize data so that in addition to legitimate recipients, anyone else want to restore the original "news" is very difficult.
2. Commonly used data encryption
At present, the most commonly used encryption technology and have a symmetric encryption asymmetric encryption technology.
3. Data Encryption Technology Development
In the network, encryption is a highly efficient and flexible means of security, worthy of the enterprise network to promote. In recent years, China's encryption algorithm for password strength concentrated in the analysis and practical research.
(C) Access Control
1. Authentication
Authentication is a proven consistency, consistency verification is to establish a means of proof. Authentication technology is the first application in the computer security technology, are now widely used, it is the Internet's first information security barrier.
2. Access Control
Access Control which provides the main object of what kind of power to operate. It is generally related to the use of authentication technologies together to give the identity of different users with different privileges to operate in order to achieve different levels of information security management at different levels.
Third, common network attacks and countermeasures
Network security is everywhere. Even the old security holes make up the new security vulnerabilities will continue to emerge. Network attacks is the use of these loopholes and security flaws of the system and resources to carry out attacks.
(A) network attacks steps
1. To hide their location
General attacker would use other people's computers to hide their true IP address. Sophisticated attackers will use the 800 telephone service adapter connected to no one ISP, and then stolen other people's Internet accounts.
2. To find the target host and analysis of target host
3. Obtain account and password to log host
Use of certain tools or loopholes in the system registry is also the host of the attacker used a technique.
4. Access control
5. Theft of network resources and privileges
Attacker to find the target, will continue to attack the next step. Such as: to download sensitive information; implementation of the account to steal passwords, credit card number theft and other economic; network paralysis.
(B) of the common methods of network attacks
1. Password invasion
The so-called invasion is the password to use some of the legitimate user's account number and password to log in to the purpose of the host, and then re-attack activities. This is the premise must be the host of a legitimate user's account, and then carry out the legitimate user's password to decode.
2. Trojan horse program to place
3. WWW technology of deception
4. E-mail attacks
E-mail on the Internet is to use a very wide range of means of communication. Compared to other means of attack, this attack method is simple, quick, and other advantages.
5. Network monitoring
Network monitoring is the host of one of the working model, although the network access to monitor the user account and password with some limitations, but are often able to monitor access to their network segment to all user accounts and passwords.
6. Vulnerability to attack
Many kinds of systems are vulnerable (Bugs). Some of the operating system or application software is itself of. If the attacker used as a preparation for the special allocation of a string of attacks on the character, he can

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