A Study of Vocabulary by Non-English Majors作文

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[A Study of Vocabulary by Non-English Majors作文]

As we enter the 21st century, acquisition of vocabulary has assumed a more important role, and as some would argue, the central role in learning a seccond language .What many language teachers might have intuitively known for a long time, that a solid vocabulary is necessary in every stage of languae leaning is now being openly sated by some second language acquisition researchers.

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 The importance of vocabulary learning

Vocabulary forms the biggest part of the meaning of any language, and vocabulary is the biggest problem for most learners. So helping learners in building up a big vocabulary as fast and as efficiently is very important.In China, though we have made great progress in many fields in English teaching an learning, the current state of th area is typified by the lack of a comprehensive list or taxonomy of lexically-focused strategies. As a result, many students complain that they have not achieved satisfying effect though they have spent much time in word memorizing.

1.2 Factors affecting word learnability

There are many factors affecting the learning difficulty of words. Two of these factors are worth mentioning. The first is codability of th morphonological forms of words.Word forms may differ in difficulty for coding and storing depending on the learner’s prior phonotactic knowledge. The second subjective, knowledge-dependent factor affecting a word’s memorability is the arbitrariness of the form-meaning link.

1.3 How many words does a non-English major in a university in China need to know?
     This general question can not be answered clearly without a detailed description of the language activity and level intended .Although a language makes use of a large number of words ,not all of these words are equally useful. One measure of uesfulness is word frequency, that is ,how often the word occurs in nomal use of the language. Forme the point of view of frequency,the word the is a very useful word in English .  The good news for second language learners and second language teachers is that a small number of the worsds of English occur very frequenly and if a learner knows these words,that learner will know very large proportion of the running words in a writtern or spoken text. Most of these words are content words are content words and knowing enough of them allows a good degree of compredhension of text.

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