Mobile Phone手机作文

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[Mobile Phone手机作文] 某校周刊在中学生中展开了就中学生能否在校园使用手机的大讨论,Mobile Phone手机作文。请你根据以下提示,发表自己的看法.
···   Mobile Phone
     Being a product of high-technology,mobile phones are being more and more widely used.  It's small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering fast and convenient service for communication.It's of multi-function. The users use it for calling, sending short messages and internet-surfing.
     In recent years, mobile phones have become popular among middle school students.  Quite a few use them at school to keep in touch with their families and friends instead of writing letters, which, of course brings convenience to them. But I don't think it's good to do so.
     In spite of the advantage mentioned above, student users often waste a lot of time chatting over the phone in their spare time, some even use them to cheat in exams. In addition, mobile phone bill is also a heavy burden on students' families

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