City Life Compared with Rural Life作文

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[City Life Compared with Rural Life作文]

  It ix really hard to say which is better than the other, city life or rural life. Both have its merit and shortcoming.

    Living in the city has a great many advantages. First, you can enjoy various kinds of foods, both foreign and domestic. Second, there are more cultural activities in the city--you can go to the concert, the theatre, the movies or the disco club after a day's hard work. But city lite has many problems, too. The overcrowded population, traffic jam, industrial pollution, and the lack of understanding between people may result in disease and unhappiness.

Living in the country, however, you can watch the magnificent sunrise and sunset and listen to the bird singing in the tree. If you want, you can certainly have a hrge garden when a small green space seems a luxury in the city! In the city, you may feel at a loss as to which you are working for. You probably doubt you cannot be working for yourself since you are so unhappy and nervous. But in the countryside you will have no such worries.

You plant seeds in the earth, and you watch them grow into flowers and finally into fruits or food. Once again, you enjoy the pleasure of work. But rural life may not be that perfect. Things are going so slowly that sometimes you may feel that you are absolutely left behind in some remote corners of the world. You may again miss the parties, friends and movies in the city.

    People are like this. They can never feel perfectly satisfied. The best solution may be that you enjoy pleasures of both lives and get rid of their inconveniences

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