Do Lucky Numbers Really Bring Luck作文

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[Do Lucky Numbers Really Bring Luck作文]

Do Lucky Numbers Really Bring Luck

 Different people have different views on lucky numbers. It is held that lucky numbers will bring luck. But it is also held that lucky numbers will never bring luck.
    Those who hold the first opinion think that lucky numbels make one feel lucky and in turn one's lucky mind will inspire one to create lucky things. In contrast, those who hold the second view think that lucky num- bers actually have nothing to do with luck and some people like lucky numbers just fur fun.
    As to me, I agree with the latter opinion. Admittedly, lucky numbers make some people feel lucky, but a lucky mind will not work miracles. It is a superstition to say that lucky numbers will bring luck because lucky numbers can never change objective reality. Only through one's efforts can one change reality for the better. Therefore, one can never depend on superstition for good fortune

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