Make Our Cities Greener作文

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[Make Our Cities Greener作文]

 In recent years our cities have become much greener.

A lot of trees, grasses and flowers were planted in vacant plots and on both sides of the street. The area of urban afforestation per person has been greatly increased.

    There are a lot of advantages for urban afforestation. First, trees, grasses and flowers can make the city more beautiful, for natural plants are well matched with artificial buildings. Secondly, plants can purify air in the city because they not only absorb carbon dioxide and the flying dust but release oxygen. Thirdly, plants can muffle noises produced by vehicles and machines. Finally, trees can improve climate in that they can alleviate intense heat in summer and severe cold in winter.

    Then how to make our cities greener? From my point of view, first we should make people aware of the importance of making cities greener. Next, great efforts should be made to plant more trees, grasses and flowers. Meanwhile, we should carefully look after the planted trees, grasses and flowers and no one is allowed to destroy these plants. So long as we do so, we can certainly make our cities greener.

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