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[2008年高考英语写作指导范文精选作文]1. 目前家长为孩子请家教是一种普遍现象,2008年高考英语写作指导范文精选作文。前几年多见于初、高中学生,现在有些小学生也请家教。父母们如此舍得花钱和忍心占去孩子的时间,究竟是为什么呢?某中学生英语报正在征文,了解其中原因。请根据下面所给的标题和首段内容,分析慢、中、快三类学生请家教的原因并说明你对家教现象的态度。注意:词数100词左右。


  1.慢等生:catch up with sb. ; become dependent on sth.依赖……

  2.中等生:surpass vt.超过 

  3.快等生:more competitive 更有竞争力的

  Why Students Have Tutors(家教)?

  Les’s take one class, either in primary or high school, as an example and divide it into three groups: the slow, the middle, and the fast learners. In the past, the slow learners used to have tutors. Today, however, it seems all of them have tutors for one reason or another.

  The slow learners need tutors because they can’t catch up with others with their own efforts. They have difficulty in understanding the teachers and doing their homework.. So after – class tutoring is really important to them. But the problem is that they may become dependent on tutors and not work very hard in class.

  As to the middle group learners, they worry about being surpassed and turn to tutors, too.

  What about the fast learners? Though they are confident about their present position, they are not quite satisfied. They fix their eyes on a high goal. They desire to learn more in order to be more competitive later.

  I think they have the right to have tutors, though I have no tutors.

  2. 阅读下面这封中学生来信(摘自 China Daily 21 Century).

  Dear Editor:

  I am a new student at No. 1 Middle School of Chongqing. My home is far from Chongqing, so I must live at school. This is the first time for me to get away from my parents. I feel very sad. When I left home, I could hardly tearing myself away from them. .I do not want to be alone at school, and I am a shy girl. I have been crying in bed at night these days. I want to stay at home forever. I miss my parents very much.. Could you tell me what to do ?

  Your early reply is expected.







  Dear Amy:

  Thank you for your letter. I am so glad to have a talk about your present situation with you.

  People often miss their parents the first time they leave home. Most people do have to leave home for higher education or employment. You cannot live with your parents forever. I think you should realize that present separation will help your academic development and your improvement of personal ability.

  You need to make friend in your school, sharing ideas with your classmates who are physically closest to you now. Maybe you will still miss your parents, but your new friends will bring happiness and joy to your new life. Also I suggest you enjoy yourself by taking an active part in different kinds of activities in school. You will get much pleasure from it.

  Wish you happy every day.

  Faithfully yours


  3. 众所周知,2008年奥运会将在北京举行。为了办好这次国际盛会,北京市将进一步改善环境,修建更多的体育场馆。与此同时,提高市民的素质和修养也势在必得,因为文明的举止在国际交往中非常重要。作为年轻人,我们自身也存在着一些不文明行为。请列举你所观察到的一些不文明行为(三种以上),并就此做出评论或提出建议。

  It is known to all that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. In order to make it successful event, we will improve the environment of Beijing and build more venues . As the same time ,it is necessary for us to improve the quality and culture of the citizens as manners play an important role in international communication. I notice that sometimes some young people don’t behave properly in our daily lives. For example ,spitting in public places can be seen somewhere .The lawns are entered in the park although it is not right to do so .The flowers in public garden are picked .What is worse , rubbish and plastic bags are thrown on the ground in the street .

   In my opinion, these bad behaviors will make bad impressions upon visitors to China . So every one of us should form good habits from now on.

  4. 肥胖已经成为危害人们健康的严重问题,中小学生的肥胖趋势更为明显。你们班对此展开讨论。根据不同的观点,写一篇100词左右的短文。




  Fatness is one of the serious problems which have a bad effect on our health. And at present the situation in the teenagers is even worse, As to this, a discussion was carried out in our class.

  Some students think fatness does harm to our health, so it is necessary to be on a diet and take suitable exercise to prevent it. Those who are overweight should take measures to lose weight to be healthy.

  But others have a different opinion. They say losing weight will be bad for the teenagers during their growth course, as well as their studies. So there is no doubt to leave it as it is.

  5. 请根据下面的英文短诗,展开适当的想象,写一篇短文。

  标题为:My Teacher Mr Moore

  There’s a teacher Mr .Moore.

  Who is lovely and therty-four.

  Always encouraging us to try.

  He leads us to a world of“why”.

  We all admire him more and more.


  1. 不得照抄短诗原文,高考英语作文2008年高考英语写作指导范文精选作文》(http://1.unjs.com)。

  2. 必须结合短诗的内容,发挥想象,适当展开。

  3. 必须突出短诗的主题,结构完整,语意连贯。

  4. 短文不能写成诗歌形式。5. 词数:120左右。

  My Teacher Mr Moore

  Of all my teachers,Mr. Moore is the one who impresses me most.,Though he is 34,he looks very young for hes age.And he’s one of the most popular teachers in our school.

  Compared with other teachers ,Mr.Moore pays more attention to his way of teaching .He tries various ways to make his classes lively and interesting .In his opinion,we should not only know “what”, but also understand “why”.So ,instead of giving us answers immediately ,he encourages us to think by ourselves whenever he puts forward questions.With his help.we’ve learned how to analyze and settle problem. What a wonderful world of “why”he leads us to!

  He is such a learned person that we all admire hem very much.

  6. 哈尔滨第六制药厂研制了一种新药,药品已经被外商定购。请你根据提示为该厂产品写一份使用说明书:

  1 本药品为中药(traditional Chinese medicine),对肺病疗效显著。

  2 常量:每天三次,一次三粒,根据情况可以加服1-2粒。

  3 服药后身体不适要停服,小孩和老人禁服。 

  4 本药品应存放在阴凉干燥处。

  5 使用本药品要严格遵从医嘱。     注意:写作时要包括要点,但不要逐条翻译。

  Medicine Operation Instructions

  The medicine is made by the Sixth Medical Factory of Harbin. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It has a great effect on lung disease. Take three pills once and three times a day. One or two pills can be added according to your condition. Stop it if you feel uncomfortable after taking it. It is not suitable for children or the old people. Please strictly follow the doctor’s instructions when you take it. This medicine should be in dark and dry places.

  7. 以“Form a Good Habit”为题,谈谈早起的好处。要求言之有理,内容连贯,可参考以下提示:1. 有些学生迟到,是因为晚起; 2. 晚起不仅影响学习,而且也是一种坏习惯;

  3. 早起是一种好习惯,因为它能给你带来很多好处。早起有助于身体健康,有助于学习,有助于品德培养。英国有句俗话,“Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”这是千真万确的,希望大家养成早起的习惯。

  (注:品德培养 train character;俗话 a saying)

  Some students are often late for class because they get up late. Getting up late not only affects their studies but also is a bad habit. To get up early is a good habit, for it can do you much good. Getting up early can help you to be healthy. The air in the morning is fresh. If you breathe such air, it does you a lot of good. You can have some sports, too in the morning. This can make you stronger. The fresh air and quietness in the morning make you think more quickly than any other time of the day and memorize what you have learned easily. Another reason for you to think quickly and memorize things easily is that you have taken a long rest during the night.

  Getting up early can also help you to train your character. Some students can get up early, but some can not. This needs perseverance. There is a saying in English, “Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is very true. I hope everyone will form the good habit of getting up early.

  8. 越来越多的学生在校外租房而不愿住大寝室。请根据下面提示,一分为二地用英语写一篇短文,说说两者各自的好处与坏处,并表明自己的观点。

  1. 学习时间;    2. 安全;     3. 自由性;     4. 与同学交往;    5. 学习效果。


  Nowadays, some students would not like to live in a dorm. Instead, they rent houses outside the school. There are advantages for both. Living in a dorm can increase friendship and cooperation between classmates. And of cause it is safer. A dorm is more like a society, wich enables students to learn to adapt to each other, thus preparing for the social life later. As for renting houses to live alone, it’s better for study as you can feel free in your own room without being interrupted by others. As a result, you can have more time and devote yourself to studying whole-heartedly. But there may appear some safety problems as you live outside of the school.

  Anyhow, as a student, I prefer living in a dorm.

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